Reg.: T-39329

Brand: 4/86

Color: Red

DOB: 4/30/1986

Weight: 2070.0

Horns : 58.06

SENATOR - is sired by Overwhelmer, out of a Classic daughter. In the last ten years more semen sold annually from Senator than any other bull in the breed. He is appreciated by people who want the total package. He doesn't have the very largest horns in the breed, but he is very close to the top and he tops the list for the fastest gaining bulls in the breed. He has the privilege of being the sire of both great sons & great daughters. He sires much of the dark red chocolate pattern with beautiful amounts of splotchy white. Although his body color is mostly dark red, he is well known as a sire of beautiful rich color. Many of his daughters in the four to six year range have well into the 50" tip to tip horn measurements. Plus many of his daughters weight 1,100 to 1,300 lbs. Senator is the most proven complete package of all the different qualities sought after in the Longhorn business.

Ovwewhelmer Cowcatcher Texas Toro 60 Texas Ranger JP
WR 1071
Calico Gal Old Calico
Brazos Belle 4Th
Doherty 698 Senor Mulege

WR 2309

WR 2269
Wrighr #489 Larry 107
Jaque 24
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