Texas Longhorn
Texas Longhorn are very unique; very kind and trustfully. They are intelligent and easy to handle.

Texas Longhorn thrives in all kind of climates, wether it's in hot, damp coastal regions, as Texas, or the rough winter in Canada.

Texas Longhorn bulls are the bull of choice for first-calf heifers. The commercia cattleman knows that the lower birth weight of the calves puts less stess on the mother. It also gives him a live calf to sell at market the first-time out.

Texas Longhorn is worth money even after it has outlived it's usefulness as a beef producer. Top dollars are paid for the horns, skulls and mounts that are used in the popular Southwestern decor of businesses and homes.

Now on days there are many people (including me and my family) who are very interested in a healthy way of living and here are a list of facts about Texas Longhorn meat:


Texas Longhorn horns can get a spam up to 7 1/2 feet.
Texas Longhorn have easy calvings (99,7 calves gets born with out help)
Texas Longhorn has a very quiet temperament.
Texas Longhorn is the living symbol of the Old West.
Texas Longhorn thrives in all kind of climates.
Texas Longhorn beef have less fat and cholesterol.

How meats compare nutitionally

Information based on 3.5-oz serving
Meat Fat (grams) Cholesterol (GMS)
Commercial beef 12.93 90.83
Chicken, dark 9.70 93.80
Lamb chop 9.70 95.80
Pork loin 9.80 79.60
Pork chop 8.10 82.70
Lamb leg 7.70 89.70
Turkey 5.00 76.60
Chicken, light 4.50 85.70
Longhorn beef 3.70 61.50

Source: Longhorn Data, "Nutrient density of beef from Texas Longhorn cattle", Texas A&M; 1987.

Leaner beef products with les fat than provided in traditional beef will assist in reducing caloric intake. Reflecting fitness-dieth-health concerns, consumers are interested in reducing fat consumption, espacially saturated fat and are concernes about cholesterol levels - both dietary and circulating. Longhorn lean is the natural, healty choise for lower fat, saturated fat and cholesterol.

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