Reg.: I-224581

Brand: 151/8

Color: Red

DOB: 4/15/1998

BW: 66.0

Weight: 1890.0

Horns : 68.5

Shadowizm is a gold and black strippped brindle. His horn mesurement of 64-17/16" at 36 months is one for the record books. Possible few, or no other bulls have ever matched this fast growth. He is sired by the Shadow and out of a Zhivago daughter. He has very correct conformation, a straiight top line and a good rate of gain. His sire is 2070 lbs. and his dams's sire is 2200 lbs. His birth weight was 66lbs. A great future is predicted for Shadowizm. His siring ability is whitout doubt. Those using his semen will be happy, happy, happy!

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