Reg.: I-210121

Brand: 91

Color: Brn/W 1nbk

DOB: 5/19/1991

Weight: 1750.0 - 6/16/1998

Horns : 64.12 - 6/10/1996

UNLIMITED - is sired by No Double, out of a Superior daughter. Unlimited has horn measurements of 64 5/8" tip to tip, making him one of the largest horned Butler bulls in history. Unlike many of the other Butler bulls, he is dominantly dark walnut brown & speckled in color. Many of his calves are highly colorful & possess beautiful Butler horn traits. All four of his great grand dams possessed the tight corkscrew horn twist as represented by Beauty, Droop Horn & Miss Liberty 49. He has the most stacked pedigree for corkscrew horn shape of any bull in history. Unlimited is recommended as a top sire, just becoming available for corkscrew genetics, massive huge horn & correct Butler body type. His calves may not have the size of the beefier show type cattle, but when it comes to sales appeal, we represent Unlimited as the bull to build around for a successful marketing program. Recommended for breeding to tight skinned cows that aren't solid colored for awesome results.

No Double Classic Bevo  
Maressa Milby 1/2


Miss Liberty 49  
Superio's Droopy Superior Blue Horns  
Droop Horns  
Miss Droopy Lone Ranger 72  
Droop Horns  

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