Reg.: I-243509

Brand: 9/5

Color: R/W pnt

DOB: 4/17/2005

BW: 64.0

Weight: 1720.0 - 6/17/2008

Horns: 80.188 - 11/16/2009
Temptations The Ace The Ace Superior Blue Horns
Droop Horns
Lacy Jet Jet Jockey
Over Blessed
Lamb's Temptation Phenomenon Superior
Doherty 698
Bet I Can Wilman
Lightining C Black Velvet
Field of Pearls Fielder Zigfield Zhivago
Hot Phenomenon
Impression Measles Super Ranger
Wix Impresiva 609
Pearl Senator Overwhelmer
Classic Reflection
Kuuipo Zhivago
Lei Lani


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